Basic qualification: Pre-Degree/Plus Two
Duration of the Curse : 2 Years (4 sems)
Course begins on : 7 January 2018
Last day to register : 31 December 2017
Registration Fee : ₹ 1000/-​​


  • We prefer to have a group study model rather than individual pursuing of the course.

  • It is possible to have a city/region based Study Circle with a parish priest as the local coordinator to promote possible self-study exercises and to organize the review tests and contact classes.

  • Any region or city with a minimum number of 30 and a maximum of 100 can be considered as a study Centre.

  • We are happy to recognize Eastern Catholic Study Circle of Hyderabad as the study center for 2 year Diploma Course in Theology (Distance Mode) of Paurastya Vidyāpīṭham.